Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis

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Every aspect of life impacts the human existence. The people within a man’s life, his traditions, his environment, specific events that occur within his life, and his experiences all play a significant role in shaping and molding a man into a distinct individual. These are just some of the components that attribute to a man’s thoughts, beliefs, inclinations, innermost desires, dreams and fears. Then there is an outward manifestation of these inner attributes in a man’s attitude, behaviors and actions. Some experiences and individuals are definitely influential, but then there are those that can alter a man’s life forever. In Fahrenheit 451, it is evident that Montag’s character is completely revolutionized as he searches for the truth and unveils the true purpose of his own existence. The Montag that is presented in the beginning of the book is totally different from the Montag that is seen at the end of the story. However, there are several characters that are catalysts in this transformation – Clarisse, the old woman that was burned with her books, Beatty, and Faber. Without these individuals, Montag would have never evolved into the resilient character that the reader witnesses at the end of the story. Clarisse sparks the first stage of Montag’s metamorphosis. Clarisse represents everything that Montag is not. She is a free spirit who does not appear to be bound by people’s opinions of her or the rules and limits of society. She is only
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