Fahrenheit 451 Character Development Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 by Richard Connell appeals to the reader because it depicts many of the same problems that are applicable now even though it was written over 60 years ago. The story is Mr.Montag and a turning point in his life as he realized that he was not happy anymore and realizes that books have much to offer. After reading, the reader realizes just how we as a society are so dependant on technology that we endure a state of false happiness. In his book Connell uses Character Development as one of the many levels of text to develop the theme of technology allowing the censorship of thoughts and Ideas putting them in a sort-of trance feeling false happiness and not realizing the problems around them.. The two characters Connell uses most…show more content…
Since Fahrenheit 451 is written in third person the reader can’t directly know what guy is thinking but he or she can infer that within himself. One example is how he struggles between conformity and the yearning to change. Throughout the book the reader can understand that Guy is having a battle within himself but doesn’t know where to start. He then turns to the books that he has been seemingly unconsciously stealing and an old english teacher named Faber for help. This develops theme because this inner battle is what causes Guy to turn away from technology and realize the importance of literature. Unlike internal conflict external conflict is much more common in the book. Guy’s main conflict is with Beatty the captain of the fire station. Beatty realizes Guy’s change and is there the whole time taunting him trying to revert him back. This continues until the fire station gets a call from Mrs.Montag exposing Guy. After being forced by Beatty to burn his own house down Guy reaches his breaking point and turns the flamethrower on Beatty burning him to a pile of ashes. Along with the internal conflict this external conflict also pushes to develop Guy as a character along with the theme. It develops the theme because Beatty represents people who have let technology censor their minds while Guy represents Connell’s demand to stop technology from suppressing our thoughts and

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