Fahrenheit 451 Character Development

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This essay describes the character, Guy Montag, and the emotional, moral, and perspective changes in his life within the award-winning book, Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury. The book follows Montag’s development from his mindlessly following society’s rules and culture, to being open to foreign influences, and finally, to forming his own perspectives. Montag, the main character in the book Fahrenheit 451, is a twenty-fourth century fireman who takes great pride in his work. Burning the illegal contraband books is his drive, his purpose, his life. Nothing else matters to Montag. He is shallow and void. When he begins to notice that the mirage of the world has taken control of his life, Montag starts to question the world to see what…show more content…
But convinced of his sincere condition, he decides to help Montag by sharing advice, to guide him through situations with a new perspective. Faber counseled him about how to confront his captain, Beatty, a sly and contentious person. Beatty uses quotes from literature to roust out any hidden secrets Montag holds. This confuses and aggravates Montag. Montag begins to fall into a deep depression following the disappearance of his friend, Clarisse, and the continual degradation by Beatty. He begins to feel he is trusting in a failing cause. Beatty is alerted of Montag’s stolen books, and brings Montag straight to his own house to be arrested. Driven by the sheer force of Beatty’s poisonous words, Montag ignites his captain. Fleeing from the scene, Montag feels the weight of his moral decision, but resolves that it was Beatty’s own will. Being chased by the firemen’s most feared device, the hound, Montag escapes to the river and diverts the hound from capturing him. After this traumatic experience, he realizes the new life he has stepped into. His new mission becomes helping to reconstruct the worlds’ people, and experiencing real living. He is finally free. Guy Montag began as a void, purposeless person, but, through the influences of others and the opening of his eyes, Montag learns about true reality. He truly feels for the first time. Things he never would have even considered before became part of his new life. This new perspective allowed him a life, a real
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