Fahrenheit 451 Characterization Essay

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Characterization in Fahrenheit 451 Being human or normal should not be weird or unacceptable. In Bradbury’s dystopian novel, everyone is supposed to be the same because they think that will make everyone happy. Of course, you will have your rule breakers that are not like everyone else or the one that wishes they could be that person. In the sci-fi novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, he uses imagery to show characterization of each of the characters. Clarisse stood out because she was different. One night, Montag was walking home and saw Clarisse and decided to walk her home. He noticed that inside her house her family were talking and visiting, so he asked her what they were doing. On the sidewalk, Clarisse answered “’Oh, just my father and mother and uncle sitting around talking”’ (Bradbury 7). That was not a normal thing in…show more content…
At one of Mildred’s get together parties with her friends, Montag got enraged and Mrs. Phelps asks, “’Why don’t you just read us one of those poems from your little book “’ (Bradbury 94). They were followers and did not believe it when they saw a book in his hand. So to prove a point, he read a short poem to show them all what he has talked about. After he has started feeling happy, he begins helping people such as Faber. And Faber states, “’I feel I’m doing what I should’ve done a lifetime ago”’ (Bradbury 125). Faber was feeling happier than ever before just like Montag had said, and he was feeling good. They were finally starting to realize how dysfunctional their society is. Through imagery, Ray Bradbury shows the characterization of each character in the novel Fahrenheit 451. Different characters show their personality, through imagery, because the reader could tell what that that person was like. And that’s how the reader tells each character apart. There are weird or illegal things in the world, but being human should never be one of
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