Fahrenheit 451 Color Analysis

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Despite the innocence and ignorance children possess, they still hold the key to our future and based off of their influences, must change the world or keep it the same. This piece is related to the novel, Fahrenheit 451 and shows a young girl full of sadness facing the dystopian society of androids. First, you notice the gloomy, yet threatening mood with the setting having a chaotic look to it. The colors are dull besides the red in the robot's eyes and the blue on and surrounding the girl accompanied by the imagery of impending doom by a robot army. Although this piece seems as simplistic as a girl just staring at a robot head in fear, it actually has the a deeper theme of children in this dystopian society trying to sympathize and convince the authority figures to change for the better of mankind.
In an effort to capture the true vision of the novel, this piece is made up of a crying girl wearing a white dress who resembles Clarisse and the stone-faced android head who represents Montag. Around these characters are rusting bars and outside there are broken-down buildings. Standing outside are the androids with red eyes that seem to be spectating the event unfolding between Clarisse and Montag. Last but not least,
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Most important is how Montag can actually be seen as more human than the other androids considering how he looks at Clarisse as a fellow human would with full attention and a hint of compassion. Though he has red eyes, this is the cause of his taught defense mechanism against different beings such as Clarisse. Also, on Clarisse’s end, she shows full humanity and faith in Montag with her tears in hope that he may change this dystopian world for the better and become humane himself. The other androids want to stop this, but Clarisse’s influence is too strong because of their isolation and her strong, blue
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