Fahrenheit 451 Conscience Analysis

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The Conscience Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is based on an ethiopian society in the United States that features a character often looked at as a conscience of the main character. The conscience is Clarisse McClellan, the main character is Guy Montag and during this book Clarisse McClellan uses her charming individuality, venturous attitude, and her rare personality to change Montag’s view on the restriction of books in Fahrenheit 451. Clarisse’s individuality during Fahrenheit is vibrant, this is shown many times in the book. An example is on page 19 where she talks of a old tradition children used to do. They would rub dandelions on their chins to see if there was any dust, and if there was then they were in love. This was unusual in their society but she wanted to be herself no matter what. “...I tell them that sometimes I just sit and think. But I won't tell them what.” (Bradbury, 20). In this she says she thinks about things but won't tell anyone what. She doesn’t want them to tell her what she should be doing. And this only explains part of who Clarisse is. Clarisse is also venturesome, metaphorically and literally. She often talks of going out and seeing the different flowers and butterfly’s, even though no one talks about the flowers or bugs, she does what's…show more content…
She is maybe the most important character relating to Montag. Without her he wouldn’t of taken those books in the first place, he wouldn’t of contacted the professor, and he wouldn’t of tried to change anything about the world. She deepened his understanding of how distant everyone is by being close to him, unlike other people. Maybe even reminding him of how people used to talk. If she hadn’t of come into his life the story would’ve turned out very different. Wouldn’t
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