Fahrenheit 451 Critical Analysis

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The novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury takes place in a dystopian society where books have become nearly obsolete because of the evocation of thought, at least free thought, is seen as a negatory result due to the fact that differing opinions presented in books can lead to offending people. Montag, the main character, is a firefighter, but firefighters in this society burn books and houses rather than putting the fires out. Montag meets a girl that is different from the rest of the society, and she changes his perspective of books, and therefore life. In a world where technology is taking over and interfering with human connection, Montag takes a journey to make books important again in hopes of reversing the negative effects of technology. The purpose of…show more content…
He often chooses diction that indicates a disdainful and gloomy attitude towards technology. For example, sea-shell radios are a type of earbud that are ridiculed in the novel. Bradbury takes a critical tone describing the sea-shell radios when he says, “The little mosquito-delicate dancing hum in the air, the electrical murmur of a hidden wasp snug in its special pink warm rest” (11-12). By using specific diction, the reader can understand Bradbury 's aversion to technology and the sea-shell radios specifically. He is able to establish his critical tone by comparing the radios to a bug 's constant, annoying hum. He does this by using words with negative connotations, such as “mosquito”, which are bugs that are often seen as irritating. He continues to portray his disdainful feelings by comparing the radios to wasps which are not only seen as annoying, but as potentially dangerous too. By describing the sea-shell radios as being as irritating as the constant hum coming from a mosquito, and as dangerous as a wasp, Bradbury is able to clearly express his critical tone towards technology through negative
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