Fahrenheit 451 Critical Criticism

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The book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury takes place in a distorted utopia in the future. Books are outlawed and instead of putting out fires, firefighters start them by lighting the books on fire to rid them permanently. Ray Bradbury was an American author who was a novelist, poet, and screenwriter among many other titles. Ray was born in Waukegan, Illinois on August 22, 1920. He is the third child of Leonard and Esther Bradbury. Bradbury started his writing career when he was eleven. He started off writing on butcher paper, but then upgraded to a typewriter once he moved from Illinois to Arizona. Bradbury said that he found most of his inspiration for his stories in his childhood experiences while living in Illinois. To this day Bradbury’s work are praised and considered American classics. In Fahrenheit 451, most citizens are emotionally disconnected and only care about television or driving fast. For my critical analysis is decided to trace the theme. The theme that jumped out at me is censorship. We can see this prevalent throughout the book with different characters and different situations. Three situation examples are Clarisse’s lack of censorship with nature, the lack of emotions and censorship of suicide when it comes to Mildred, and lastly the obsession with mindless entertainment throughout society. Society in Fahrenheit 451 is much different than our society today. People don’t interact with each other, books are illegal, and so is being a pedestrian. Citizens

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