Fahrenheit 451 Critical Thinking Essay

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451 is a number that all firefighters know by heart in Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451. That number is the temperature that book paper catches on fire. 451 is on a shoulder badge of the firemen and is on the main character Guy Montag shoulder. Montag is a fireman who is pain to burn books that are reported in households. While in today's society, firemen help prevent fires from causing more damage to houses; that is not the case in Fahrenheit 451. The setting of the story is sometime in the future when reading and owning books is illegal. Montag interacts with different characters through the book that sparks an interest to understand the meaning behind the books. He observes people dying because of their desire for books and begins to …show more content…

Critical thinking is relevant in a few different aspects of life. For example, critical thinking can be applied to school and learning. There are people who support using different aspects of critical thinking in students curriculum. Laura Hummell said, "Critical thinking skill development is crucial in elementary schools. Students who are allowed to explore, empathize, question, hypothesize, conceptualize, experiment, and evaluate throughout their own learning become productive community members" (Hummell 5). Allowing children to learn to think critically helps them to solve problems and have a logical argument about something they believe is true. Applying critical thinking into schools gives a child a chance to make a difference. Also, Elizabeth McKinstry agrees with Hummell in challenging the next generation to think for themselves. McKinstry writes about how Common Core education helps children become more interactive in the world and teaches them how to apply the knowledge they have learned in life. McKinstry said, "Their reality is not connected to a world outside the boundaries in which they live" (McKinstry 20). Common Core also shows that students that are coming out of this curriculum are more prepared to enter college by using their critical thinking

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