Fahrenheit 451 Culture Analysis

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There culture in Fahrenheit 451 negatively impacts society. Technology greatly influences the characters. Television is a form of technology that is important to the community in Fahrenheit 451. In fact, the Montags have three television screen walls. Viewers, including Mildred Montag, often participate in interactive television shows. Mildred is so engrossed with her show that she does not look up from her script while explaining it to her husband:
Well, this play comes on the wall-to-wall circuit in ten minutes. They mailed it to me this morning. I sent in some box tops. They write the script with one part missing. It’s a new idea. (Bradbury 17)
Characters in the book are constantly sitting in front of the television reading their scripts. Some consider the actors from the shows “family.” It appears that the people in Fahrenheit 451 have stronger relationships with the actors on the
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People in Fahrenheit 451 have no feelings or emotion towards others in their society because they value their television shows so much. There are very few face-to-face interactions in their society, causing each character to have a shallow personality. Not only are citizens glued to their television sets, they are also reliant on machines to perform basic tasks for them. There are machines to alert when someone is approaching the door, robots that make and deliver breakfast, and mechanical hounds that are specially programmed. People are so reliant on these technological systems that they are incapable of doing tasks themselves. The characters are lazy and have no incentive to divert from their programmed lives. Education and illiteracy are affected by the culture in Fahrenheit 451 as well. Because books are illegal in Fahrenheit 451, no one reads. It causes the citizens to be very unintelligent. Their version of formal education consists of an hour of TV class,
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