Fahrenheit 451 Death Analysis

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A significant scene of death in Fahrenheit 451 is when the city is bombed. The city was bombed, because the nation that Guy Montag lived in was at war with another. Even though the government had tried to brainwash everyone to create a “perfect” society, but the society was far from perfect as there was still war. No matter what humanity will never be perfect. While everything may not ever be completely perfect things can always be perfected and made better. Not all is lost, and things can be built up again. Montag looks over at the destroyed city and saw “the city stood, rebuilt and unrecognizable, taller than...ever” when he squinted after blinking. This means Montag sees hope for the future, because there is no oppressive government now in place for that area as nearly everyone in the city has died. Not only does Montag see hope for the future “Granger looked into the fire. "Phoenix."”, but others do as well. A phoenix rises from the ashes after it has died,and it is greater than it was before just like the city will be. Granger remembers this. Montag sees “ The sun was touching the black horizon” before Granger starts speaking about the city. Granger goes on to say “We know the damn silly thing we just did.”, then goes on about how man has been knowing what they have done for thousands of years. This means man can…show more content…
Even if they try hard to be perfect, it will sadly never accomplish this. Society can be made better, even if it has to start by leveling whole cities and ending millions of lives. This could be considered good by some, and evil by others. Although, the destruction of the city does bring up that there was still war. There was also still propaganda that oppressed free thought, and led people to lead empty lives. War ended the propaganda, but it was still evil. Things can be made anew in better and less oppressive ways along with possibly more peace, but it will never be perfect as long as there is
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