Fahrenheit 451: Difference Between Knowledge And Wisdom

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Knowledge What is knowledge? Is it when you have a high IQ, or just being able to absorb your surrounding? Knowledge is the fact or state of knowing. ( it is hard to understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom. However, in Ray Bradly’s book Fahrenheit 451 we see exactly what the difference is with Beatty and Faber. We also see that knowledge is power ,with Beatty’s manipulation skills, what the world would be like without knowledge, and why knowledge is important to us as a society. What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Well take Faber and Beatty for example. Faber teaches Guy one important lesson: it is not about the books. Books reflect life and teach you, they are not a bad thing. Faber sees how the world has succumbed to electronics creating a lack of knowledge and even critical thinking. (“My wife says books aren’t ‘real’” Guy “Thank God…show more content…
Would we have the technology we have today? Well to have all these inventions we have today we would need inventors, and to be an inventor there is a lot of self thinking and facts that go into creating something. In Fahrenheit 451 there is earbuds and toasters that butter your toast for you, but even though no one reads, the government can't have people living like cavemen so they must have inventors that watch videos on physics, electronics or whatever is necessary. How would the government be run? We might end up having voters like Mrs. Bowls, she only want cares about his accouterments not his political views.(“ I voted last election, same as everyone and I laid it on the line for President Noble. I think he is one of the nicest looking men ever to become president”. Pg 96). But aren't we acting this way now? Elections have changed for the worst, now it is a televised roasting for our entertainment with little
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