Fahrenheit 451 Dystopian Society

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“Most dystopian, classic, and contemporary, paints a future world that puts a twist on present society - a future world that could plausibly happen” (Lauren DeStefano). Many people put efforts in making their society perfect and equal, but don 't realize the opportunities that are being threatened for the individuals. The change you put out to fix the world, will come back at you and most certainly happen in the future. It 's important to see how perspectives can change the present into a worse future. Although our modern society and the dystopian society described in Ray Bradbury’s science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451 have conflicting perspectives, our modern society is reflected throughout Bradbury’s prediction of his future. Both the modern society and the dystopian society in the novel can relate to a sort…show more content…
A significant aspect of what both modern society and the Fahrenheit 451 dystopian society portray heavily on is conformity but each society has their slightly different components. In the novel’s society, everyone is afraid of being punished when they commit a crime like reading books or be caught storing them to hold on for the future to read. These conformists follow the law and take away their freedom to let themselves think without anyone else telling them what to do or having an opposing opinion. Montag is a character who was a conformist but got influenced to be his own person, but in modern society, they seem to be doing the exact opposite. Our generation seems to do anything to feel wanted or to receive attention. In high school for example, people follow the crowd to fit in the “popular” crowd and to get noticed or liked by others. It is almost like we get influenced to change everything about us that we don 't admire, and turn into someone we aren 't. The totally opposite compared to how Clarisse influenced Montag on how to be his own person and a leader, while in our generation we get influenced to be a follower and like everyone else, a
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