Fahrenheit 451 Figurative Language Essay

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Fahrenheit essay: Option 1

The silhouette of Guy Montag appears through the black mist and debris of the once standing home. It was a pleasure to burn (Bradbury, p.3) according to our protagonist. As the novel unfolds Bradbury ignites the fire inside Montag and delivering him to rise out of lifeless ashes with the use of literary tools. These tools lead Montag to the realization of how blurred his lifestyle is. With the use of character interactions, symbols and figurative language Bradbury continues to feed the aching fire in Montag. As the dim moonlight seeped through the branches of the trees leading Montag home, the reader is introduced to the first dramatic interaction with Clarisse McClellan, a “crazy” neighborhood girl. (Bradbury, 7) This encounter begins the molding of
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This literary tool is used a number of times, most commonly imagery. Bradbury uses imagery in the text to create an image in the reader’s mind to then deliver the underlying message of the plot to the audience. Using such gives a deeper description of what is being told, “Montag had only an instant to read a line, but it blazed in his mind for the next minute as if it stamped there with fiery steel”. (Bradbury, 37) With this statement the reader is implanted with how much of a burning passion that Montag has grown for books and reading.
As Bradbury’s hands finish the creation that is Montag, the reader is apt with information about the characters and ideas that run continuously through the story. This is due to the use of literary tools. Without the use of literary tools there would be no development in the novel especially the protagonist, Montag. Uses of character interactions, symbols and figurative language progressively let the reader gain a higher degree of what is laying in the text. The clay sculpture of Montag glows by the end of the book, giving him the opportunity to find his
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