Fahrenheit 451 Golden Pole Analysis

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Guy Montag’s perspective of the firepole and the overall concept changes from delight to disgust over time because key elements around him help break down the once impenetrable wall of his mind that the government has built as they see fit. The birth of this conflict happens at the very beginning of Fahrenheit 451, when Ray Bradbury describes not only the fire station, but also the way Montag looks and feels at that particular moment. This opening is the last point in which Montag feels happy about his job. The fact that he “ hung up his flameproof jacket neatly”(4) and “ he showered luxuriously” (4) proves that not only does Montag feels happy where he is, he loves his job. In Montag’s eyes, the fire pole is like a gift from God.The pole itself is described has a “golden pole” (4).…show more content…
After Montag encounters Clarisse, the old woman, as well as the added affect his dull wife, Montag transcends the general idea of what life should be. He discovers a different world through books and realizes the one he has been deceived his whole life. At that point, Montag no longer loves his job. The “golden pole”(4) has turned into a “brass pole”(109) and it now leads “them down into darkness”(109). The reference to gold has been dulled to brass and the luxurious feel displayed at the beginning has turned to fear in darkness. The author uses these descriptions to elicit the deeper meaning of the Fahrenheit 451, to show not only how the society is lifeless and monotonous but also how Montag views on the world changes from being satisfied with society to wanting reshape the mindset of the society. Montag’s perspective on burning changes once again while he flees the
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