Fahrenheit 451 Guy Montag Analysis

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In Ray Bradbury “Fahrenheit451” character, Guy Montag, endures a change in personality and beliefs throughout this story. Montag is first a fireman who burns books to keep knowledge out of society but after a series of events, Montag deviates from society to learn more about why books are illegal to society. The beginning of Montag’s change started the day he met a young woman, Clarisse McClellan. She influences Montag to think about his life and question whether or not if he is really happy in his daily life. Clarisse asks Montag “ Are you happy?” which has the biggest impact on montag in part one of the story because after this event Montag is beginning to “think” about what she just asked him. Also the burning woman has an effect on Montag…show more content…
Although Montag is still changing, he wants to connect with Millie and is trying to get her to think by asking her “When did we meet? And where?’ which he has never done before. In part three, Montag has chosen to defy the laws and plan to escape the norms of this society. “... old Montag wanted to fly near the sun and now that he’s burnt his wings, he wonders why.” Beatty’s saying that Montag wanted to break the law and now that he’s been caught, he feels guilty. At this Montag has completely changed and is realizing that all of his “friends and family” really don’t care, especially when he says “ Mildred, you didn’t put in the alarm!” But the event of Montag’s murder of Beatty really sealed the deal on Montag’s change as he is now a man of reading and understanding books. In conclusion these series of events caused Montag’s change and evolvement of his personality and beliefs throughout this story. Therefore Montag is completely against this life he used to enjoy and
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