Fahrenheit 451 Guy Montag Character Analysis

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The Introduction of Montag

When we are introduced to the protagonist, Guy Montag, he is burning the remains of a house, describing how, “It was a pleasure to burn.” (1). In the beginning, we are shown just how much Guy Montag loves his job, his personality is also shown to us as readers as irresponsible. As we later find out from Captain Beatty, fire is, “...clean, quick, sure…” (109). Put into other words, Captain Beatty is saying fire is basically getting rid of responsibility, which is why it attracts Montag. From Montag's’ lack of emotion while burning someone’s house ,we can conclude that he is not really thoughtful or emotional. These observations can not say, however, that Guy Montag cannot change. After this we see Montag walking home at night, when he really thinks and appreciates his job, which in his society is considered wrong. All in all, we are not at all surprised by how easy it was for Clarisse McClellan to destroy his entire life with one small question. Montag Influenced by Clarisse
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What does she think? I’m not?” (8). After Montag has an altercation with Clarisse, her one simple question, “Are you happy?” (7), destroys Montag's life and way of thinking which makes him wonder if he is, in fact, happy. Montag’s personality begins to change at this point in the section, eh is now slowly becoming more emotional and is actually starting to think for himself. It is easy to see that Montag is being influenced by Clarisse to actually think and question. Further in this section Montag begins to question if he is doing the right thing, “...was it always like this? The firehouse, our work? (31). From these, we as readers can see that Montag is changing from being emotionless, to what we count as ‘human’ today. In this section Montag begins his metamorphosis, but not without a few
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