Fahrenheit 451 Guy Montag's Transformation

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is one of a must­read book for all ages. The book tells the story of a fireman whose life takes an unexpected turn when he meets his new neighbor. Guy
Montag, the fireman, then he have to face many challenges and overcomes his own fears.
Montag’s society forbids its people to read any kind of books because they don’t want their people to be able to think for themselves. Much like our society today, in a way. Throughout the novel, Guy Montag slowly transforms into a new person through personal experiences, events, and influences characters.
In the beginning of Fahrenheit 451, Montag have not yet begin his transformation. He enjoys his job as a fireman; to him, “it was a pleasure to burn”(Bradbury 1). He has a
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Confused and hurt, Montag thought, “suddenly she was so strange he couldn’t believe he knew her at all”(Bradbury 39). Montag also changes a lot after that fateful night. He encounters a woman, who has books in her possession, that is willing to die for knowledge. She couldn’t bear to live a second without her books. What she did scar Montag forever,”the woman on the porch reached out with contempt to them [firemen] all, and struck the kitchen match against the railing”(Bradbury 37). After the incident, Montag thought about the suicidal woman and he is confused as to why she would sacrifices her own life for some mere books. Since he’ve been told that books are evil, a spark of curiosity blooms within him.
In part two, Montag is desperate for help. After his boss, Beatty, talks to him about the history of firemen and books, Montag is afraid that Beatty knows that he stole a book. He reveals to Mildred all the books he stole over the years. At the sight of the books, Mildred was terrified and wanted nothing to do with the books. She would rather listen to her “family” than her
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He thought that even though we have everything we need to be happy, but without being able to think for ourselves, we’re not truly happy. Right then, a new door reveals itself to Montag.
In part three of Fahrenheit 451, Montag realizes that he is putting himself and Mildred in danger by returning a book to Beatty in order to trick him. After all, Beatty knows that Montag have books and he already hints that Montag have 24 hours to burn them or the firemen will come to Montag’s house and burn them for him. Then Montag went and did the worst thing possible, he read a poem to Mildred’s friends, Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles. After he read the poem, he fled the house and went to turn in a book to Beatty. What he didn’t know is that the ladies have turn in an alarm and Mildred did too. The firemen, Montag, and Beatty made their way to Montag’s house. Beatty reveals that he knew all along that Montag was lying and made
Montag burn down his own house. Montag didn’t want to but complied, however he did managed to save some books he hid in his backyard. Beatty found out about Faber and threatens to harm him so Montag decides he have to kill Beatty. After he killed Beatty, Montag is
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