Fahrenheit 451 Identity Essay

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The reader, of Fahrenheit 451, might ask “Why would someone say ‘it was a pleasure to burn’?” and “Why would Montag be troubled over his own happiness?”. The answer to these questions is that Montag’s identity has been directly affected as a result of control on individuality by the state. As can be seen, the novel suggests that the state’s control on individuals will cause people to rely on the state, in doing so, they will not think for themselves and therefore the state decides how and what each individual’s identity will be like. Connection One and Text Two:
The theme of Identity can also be observed in the novel We through the ideas and the effect of control on individuality. In the novel, people are known only by their number assigned to them by the One State, men are indicated by a constant and females by a vowel, for example, D-503 and I-330. Additionally, all men and women wear blue-gray uniforms, similar to the uniforms worn by the citizens in George Orwell’s 1984. D-503 explains what life is like in the One State, “Every morning, with six-wheeled precision, at the same hour, at the same minute, we wake up, millions of us at once.” The effect that control has over the people in
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In Fahrenheit 451, the identity of Montag was manipulated to show the extremity of the state’s control on his individuality. Where Montag’s job is a fireman, not the sort of fireman of today that fight fires, but a fireman who burns books. They burn books as the books contain ideas that could cause conflict and unhappiness among society. This theme is similar to that of We, as the One State has removed the identity of its citizens so that there is no pain, envy and confusion. The texts share the importance of thinking for yourself and having and expressing different ideas because if you don’t, someone else
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