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Branson Logan English 8 H Mrs.Walsh 26 February 2023 3rd person COLOR CODE! LAE Essay F451 One of the most famous novels ever to be written, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a book of many morals and lessons that are to be learned from. But, what is Farhent 451 about? The novel is about a man named Montag who lives in a future dystopian society as a Fireman, but instead of stopping fires, he starts them by burning anyone who owns books. One of the most apparent concerns by Bradbury is the control of others through power and ignorance. Throughout the novel, Beatty, the fireteam’s Captain, controls and manipulates the very way the fireman thinks using the ignorance of the rest of the team to his advantage. There even is a direct example …show more content…

Beatty is seen as a manipulative man who directly represents the government in Montag’s world that has been taken over by higher powers of control. Because of this, society has been forced to reject all science and knowledge to make others dull and ignorant. This allows for more control over people as they lose common sense and the ability to think for themselves becoming reliant upon the government that tells them they’re “happy”. We see this same connection with Beatty’s manipulative words that are experienced after Montag goes to burn a woman’s house where she refuses to leave and lights the kerosene laid down by the fireteam herself with a match, burning herself and the house down. As a result, Montag starts becoming conscience and starts thinking, wondering what is so important in a book that a person is willing to die rather than see her books burnt. He becomes so glued to the …show more content…

The first interaction that begins to unveil this reality is with a kid named Clarrise who describes schools as a place “ to get people together and then not let them talk… just run the answers at you” (27). This first interaction with Clarrise shows how the schooling system is just a way to make kids think that they know what life is actually about and listen to the false information that the government supplies them to control them and accept it without any questions. of the effects of the schooling system is shown by Clarrise’s fear “of children my age. They kill each other ”(27). This proves that the school system doesn’t teach the right morals and is designed to produce controlable and dull people for the government’s

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