Fahrenheit 451 Killing Beatty Analysis

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 Guy Montag a fireman that burns books goes through some rough times trying to find happiness in his life. He gets awaken to this idea when he meets a jaunty yet skittish girl named Clarisse, who asks him a question and makes him question his happiness and love. Then again through all of this thinking, he starts to find himself getting curious and starts to take books from houses that need to be burned for having them. Although Montag can be seen as a murder he is justified in killing Beatty, the fireman chief, because Montag is curious and tired of kids not knowing what really happened throughout history, as well as how Beatty treats him throughout the book. In the end, Montag killing Beatty was a helpful act of society itself. Montag started getting curious about books and what was inside them when he started to talk to Clarisse and from when Beatty was able to say specific quotes from books. Clarisse told him that if you rub a dandelion on your chin and the yellow shows, then you are in love, yet when she did it to him it didn’t. This made him think he was really in love with his wife Millie, and as he thought about it more, he realized that he wasn’t. Another thing that Clarisse asked him was if he was happy, and Montag replied in a sarcastic way saying that he was happy. After he replied he realized that he wasn’t, he didn’t enjoy burning books. He wanted to read them and learn the knowledge of others that had come before him. Knowing
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