Fahrenheit 451 Knowledge Is Power Analysis

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“Knowledge is power”. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Guy Montag is the protagonist in a dystopian world. The story takes place at a time when society was falling apart, books were banned because they gave people ideas and made them think outside of the box and this supposedly made the people “unhappy”. Knowledge and the progression of society go hand in hand, the removal of knowledge is the destruction of progress.

Without knowledge humans are mindless fools. They are controlled by society, they are told what they can do, see, hear, know, say, etc. For example, in the novel Guy’s wife (Mildred) believes EVERYTHING she sees on her television, she is brainwashed by the government she lives among as well as the other civilians. In the novel Mildred begs Montag to burn his books because society has told her that books are bad and threatening to their happiness. This happens because people follow a pack,
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People are always going to rebel, there are always going to be people that know the truth and disagree with it entirely. An example of this is when Montag found out there were the “book people” outside of town. They were the “rebels” of this society, they weren't following the law, they ran away and memorized books so they could never be taken from them. These “rebels” ran away from their home, life, and in some cases family to keep the knowledge they had and to help it live on.

This novel’s plot is similar to today because we are all puppets of the government even if we don’t realize it. The government controls what we are allowed to see, hear, and say, this is all censorship. Such as big events being kept secret, they say it’s for our safety but is it really? In Fahrenheit 451 they imply that they are doing this to keep the people happy and safe but, all this is doing is keeping valuable knowledge from the people and they are just puppets in society’s
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