Fahrenheit 451 Knowledge Quotes Essay

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Knowledge is the condition of knowing something. When given it does not decrease, but will only increase. It is collective thoughts and experiences people go through. Books are the greatest source of knowledge and help develop the human mind. Knowledge also helps people not commit the same mistakes again and again. Without knowledge nothing can prosper and leads to destruction. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury claims that depriving people of knowledge will only make them gullible and easy to manipulate by an elite group. The setting of the novel is a great example of Bradbury’s claim. The novel is set in a dystopic society where books are banned, technology is everywhere, and the government controls everything; making the people easy to manipulate. For example Mildred is easily manipulated by the “parlor walls.” They are huge T.V. like walls that she called her ‘family.’ On page 69 of the novel Mildred says, “Now my ‘family’ is people. They tell me things, I laugh, they laugh! And the colors!” This quote shows how the government uses technology…show more content…
He clearly depicts how the government easily manipulates its citizens and how gullible they are. The quote “The people sleepwalking in their hallways…The doorknobs turned on five thousand doors…The doors opened,” on page 132 of the novel is a perfect example of how the government easily controls people. They say something and without hesitation the citizens do it. The society also believes everything the government tells them. On page 142 the government tells the people, “The search is over, Montag is dead; a crime against society has been avenged.” After this the people go on about living their lives because according to the government Montag was dead and they believed it. When in reality the government had lost track of Montag, but they didn’t want the society to know that so they killed an innocent person on the street and said it was
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