Fahrenheit 451 Literary Analysis Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 Literary Analysis Fahrenheit 451 is a book that I was able to read and identify with very quickly. I took away a few key concepts from this book more than others.While reading this book, the main thing I want to clarify is that this is a book that makes you think. This book left me with a lingering thread of curiosity and worriness that I continued to think about after class. I didn’t read this book and forget about it in favor of moving on to the next pressing issue. Dealing with addiction and suicide, and this leading to the idea of meaningful living were the main topics I thought about when reading this book. One of the more disturbing aspects of this book was the intrinsic and prevailing instances of suicide and suicidal thoughts. Mildred, for example, spends all of her time watching television and really has no meaning to her life. She lives completely devoid of meaning. There’s also the woman who chose to die with her books instead of allowing the firemen to burn them, which could represent her vicarious living through those novels (Bradbury 36 ). This is the first time Montag sees a real “victim” to his job and he starts to wonder what could be in those books worth dying with. He even tells Mildred about it, but she can’t appreciate the influence this event has played in Montag’s mind and …show more content…

Mildred is very obviously detached from most facets of life that we value. She doesn’t remember meeting her husband, and she watches TV constantly. She tries to overdose on pain medication and Montag wishes that “If only they could’ve taken her mind to the dry cleaner’s and empties the pocket and steamed and cleansed it” (Bradbury 14). Seeing that he wishes his wife’s brains could be cleansed is a sharp contrast to how we consider how modern marriage is supposed to go. It’s sad but painfully

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