Fahrenheit 451 Man Vs Society Analysis

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In the futuristic book Fahrenheit 451 reality is turned upside down when heroes become villains. The world is blind to the evils that lay inside the government. The people who aren't are educated are hunted, and seen as insane. Morals will be put to the test, and although this book focuses on one man's journey through it all, it is very clear that the issues this fictional society faces could not be to far from issues what could happen in real life. Fahrenheit 451 is a direct representation of the theme man vs society and his journey to wake up the sleeping civilians of the United states. To begin, At first montag is the average civilian living a normal life. He does what he needs to do to survive, all the while he knows something is missing. Before he met the life changing character Clarisse, he was conformed to society just like everyone else. However, Clarisse was the spark that grew the fire of knowledge in his heart. Then when he seen a woman rather be burned alive then to live without books the spark only grew. The final stage of his nonconformist reality was the stealing and reading of books. This bgain the very strong theme of Man vs Society. No longer was his brain like everyone else's, so no longer would he fit in.…show more content…
Suddenly things he did every day without hesitation seemed silly. This is when the reader finally is able to identify the theme. For a while, it seems as though it is Montag against the world. The only person who could possibly understand him, Clarisse ,was murdered. His Family isn't an option and his wife Mildred was a lost cause. He tried desperately to get others to see his ways. In fact on page 100 he even revealed a book to his wife's friends. “ But Montag was gone and back in a moment with a book in his hand”. It was clear montag's goal was to try and open up someone’s eyes, anyones
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