Theme Of Materialism In Fahrenheit 451

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(AGG) "Once you need less, you have more"- Anonymous (Quotes Native); Materialism takes over people 's lives and makes them want more, but this doesn 't necessarily mean that they are happy with more material. (BS-1) Materialism can be seen through interactions between characters and have become a part of everyday life. (BS-2) Materialism is also a major part of society itself, the people in power want others to have material. (BS-3) When people get away from material, they find happiness, which is what materialistic people have been looking for all along; but they are looking in the wrong place. (TS) In the novel “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, materialism is a prominent theme showcased through many characters, and it has been proven…show more content…
(SIP-A) The methods of advertisements that are being used are all materialistic- they just advertise material objects. (STEWE-1) While Montag and Faber talk about the god, Montag says, " 'Lord, how they 've changed it in our 'parlors ' these days. Christ is one of the 'family ' now. I often wonder if God recognizes His own son the way we 've dressed him up, or is it dressed him down? He 's a regular peppermint stick now, all sugar-crystal and saccharine when he isn 't making veiled references to certain commercial products that every worshipper absolutely needs '" (Bradbury 77-78). Jesus Christ was supposed to be a holy god that people were supposed to worship, but instead, he has now become a salesman and and advertiser. This society is turning influential icons into sales representatives. For Jesus ' worshippers, these ads are baiting them into buying materials to prove their faith to Jesus. They are advertising objects, because they want people to be materialistic. (STEWE-2) While Montag is on the bus, he hears a jingle advertising " 'Denham 's Dentrifice. ' Shut up, thought Montag. Consider the lilies of the field. 'Denham 's Dentifrice. ' They toil not- 'Denham 's-- ' Consider the lilies of the field, shut up, shut up. 'Dentifrice! '" (Bradbury 75). While Montag studies something so pure and good from the Bible like lilies of the field, but the jingle for Denham 's Dentrifice is interfering in the background. It 's like ads for materials are trying to pull Montag in and make him buy what they are selling. Everyone around him is getting sucked into this, "The people who had been sitting a moment before, tapping their feet to the rhythm of Denham 's Dentrifice" (Bradbury 75). There are just constant reminders to buy new things, ads always
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