Fahrenheit 451 Mechanical Hound Analysis

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The mechanical Hound in the novel Fahrenheit 451 symbolizes a reincarnation of Greek philosophers who are angry about the destruction of their stories. The Hound is almost like a Greek/Roman monster from mythology with it’s wicked, devilish features. This lethal dog has a four inch needle protruding from its snout that is there to inflict death upon its victims. It can smell the chemical balance of your body and track you anywhere on earth. This makes it out to be a deadly foe, until it meets the likes of Montag Guy who vanquishes the beast. The Hound impacts and is relevant to the world around us for three reasons: it symbolizes how we upset nature in today’s time, government control of technology, and that there is an almighty power constantly watching us with the power to eliminate us. Many machines are personified in this story to represent an animal. The Hound of course represents a dog. When Ray Bradbury wrote and published this story back in 1953 (SparkNotes Editors) this was his way of showing us how humanity has begun to treat nature which has become unforgivable and will soon be the death of us. Kind of like how if you do something wrong in this…show more content…
These are just three of the ways that the Hound influenced the novel Fahrenheit 451 and the world today. Also, these are three ways that Ray Bradbury influenced the world today through this story. In my essay you can find the allegorical importance of the Hound, what the Hound stands for, and how it relates to Bradbury’s time. The Hound ties the entire book together piece by piece. It delineates how nature feels toward our actions, how the government has total control, and that there is always a higher power. Without the Hound, Fahrenheit 451 would cease to
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