Fahrenheit 451 Media Analysis

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, there always seemed to be small things that portrayed bigger things.. Those in which includes burning books, violence, and mass media. How did the small facts of the utopia reflect onto bigger events? Montag and other characters grasped onto smaller things that led to big conflicts. Fahrenheit 451 takes place in a future society where they ban possession of books and reading and the job of firemen is to burn all books from people’s homes using the temperature of 451; the temperature that papers burn. After meeting a girl whom loves books, a fireman, Guy Motang, begins to rethink his job and society all together. Throughout the book, Montag gains more knowledge about books and becomes more…show more content…
On mass media example from the book would be the fact that many people drive very quick because of lack of appreciation for nature. No one slows down to take the time to look around and embrace nature. This occurs because media is glued into people’s minds. No one understands that there are other exciting and fun things to do other than using media. This was all started when more and more books were being banned. As books left, media came. Aside from that, people called the people in their TV screens their family and relatives. Everyone gets too distracted from life because of media that they are sucked into thinking that the moving people in their screens are their family. In other words, they are spending so much time watching television that they are thinking their family in in their television screens. The characters on the wall speak to Mildred, and she is always sucked in their drama so she pays very little attention to Montag or to the world around her. Montag thinks of his wife as "a little girl in a forest without trees" (44), which conveys that Mildred is very disconnected from Montag and lost. On top of that, her television screens are three screens in which cover the walls completely leaving only one free wall where she wants to add a fourth
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