Fahrenheit 451 Montag Vs Society

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(AGG) If there is ever a society that has big problems, will someone ever speak out against it to make a better life? (BS-1): Montag is an average fireman in society, who fully supports the world he lives in. Montag, the average person in his society, is a fireman who will always back up his community. (BS-2): Montag comes face to face with regular people in society who make him mad at and question his society. (BS-3) After a rash decision and a critical event, Montag is now a full antihero. (TS) Montag is driven by the way he sees people act in society which leads him to question things and ultimately leads him to become the antihero. (MIP-1): Montag is an average fireman in society, who fully supports the world he lives in. (SIP-A): Montag belongs in society by saying, and doing …show more content…

(STEWE-1): After the experience, Montag returns home and while he is in bed sick he tells his wife that ”We burned an old women with her books”(47). This experience has a lasting effect on him as it would on everyone else who, ”said nothing on their way back to the firehouse. No-body looked at anyone else. They did not even smoke their pipes”(37). This important event makes everyone sad and depressed on the way back to the firehouse as they rethink what they had just witnessed even though this has happened before. (STEWE-2): Later, while talking to his wife about the prior events he thinks about a big decision and asks her, “How would it be if, well, maybe I quit my job awhile?”(48). This event has a big impact on Montag as he is on the verge of making a rash decision and almost quits his job. This point is a major point that pushes him along the path of the antihero as he starts to doubt if his society has the right intentions and if someone is willing to sacrifice their life for these books. (SIP-B): Montag realizes he is not happy after he spends some time thinking

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