Fahrenheit 451 Montag's Relationship Analysis

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Fahrenheit 451 has several relationships between the main character Montag and other characters.The interpersonal relationships Montag has with others play a huge role in his growth, individual thoughts and personal understanding. The communication and interactions between Montag and Clarisse, Mildred, Mildred’s friends Beatty and the other Firemen, Faber and Montag and Granger are what makes Montag slowly realize the society he lives in is an insane place where people are brainwashed and the truth is held from the public.

Montag met Clarisse one night when he went for a walk at night, This is when Montag starts to change. Her curiosity and questioning is so unique that Montag is struck by her. He was surprised, he had never
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Phelps and Mrs. Bowles, arrive to watch television with Mildred. Montag, disturbed by the women's mindless pleasantries and lack of awareness of the world around them, unplugs the television walls and tries to start a conversation with them about the impending war. Mrs. Phelps doesn't seem to care about her third husband who's left for war, and the women quickly turn the conversation to something they feel is more interesting, a recent television program. Montag persists, questioning the women about their children. Mrs. Phelps has none, and Mrs. Bowles has two, for whom she obviously doesn't really care about, "The world must reproduce you know, the race must go one I plunk the children in school nine days out of ten. I put up with them when they come home three days a month, it's not that bad. You heave them into the parlor and turn the switch. It's like washing clothes They'd just as soon kick me as kiss me. Thank God I can kick back." The conversation turns to politics, and Montag is disgusted to listen to the women talk of how they voted for the president who is current,because he was the more handsome of the two candidates. Montag then retrieves a book of poetry, this shocked Millie explains by saying that every fireman is allowed to bring home one book a year to see how silly they are. Faber tells Montag to agree through the earpiece they're using, he agrees and proceeds to read a poem, Dover Beach, to the three…show more content…
When running from the Hound, he meets Granger, who gives him a drink to change his biochemistry so the hound won't be able to track him anymore. Once they are safe away from The Hound and authorities, Granger shows Montag the hidden society of people who teach themselves to memorize books for society's future benefits: ``We all made the right kind of mistakes, or we wouldn't be here. When we were separate individuals, all we had was rage. I struck a fireman when he came to burn my library years ago." (Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451, Google Books) Granger's group is something that Montag has been searching for without realizing it. After finding Granger, Montag's life slowly gains a new purpose, to create and protect books instead of destroying them as his job called for before. Granger's influence gives Montag the ambition to continue reading and learning, instead of running blindly without a

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