Fahrenheit 451 Paideia Essay

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During this Paideia, many strong points were brought up at each table. Each table had their own theme to focus on, which brought all different unique discussions while traveling from table to table. The first table I went to was Mira 's table which was focusing on questions. The point in this conversation that result struck me was when someone brought up "are there other cities in this society that burn books as well?" There could me many other cities with the same sort of government and we don 't even know. This book leaves a lot of room for interpretation and inferring what else goes on in this world. I thought that this was a very good point to bring up, I would have never thought of this if Mira didn 't bring it up. The next table I…show more content…
The next table was about messages shown in the book. Maddy brought up many good points about the messages in the book. One that really stood out and was a really powerful point was if they ignore reality they live in fantasies. This was a really true point regarding to 451. For example Mildred ignores the real world and her family and just focuses on her "parlour family". People like Mildred don 't know they are happy or what they are missing in the world because they are too focused on technology. Technology has gotten out of hand in this society and it has completely taken over their lives. Most people in the 451 society live in a fantasy and don 't focus on what 's important in life. Reality vs. fantasy is a huge message in this book, and it can be explored so much more. Symbols in Fahrenheit 451 are everywhere in the story. While discussing symbols in the table groups many symbols were brought up, such as trains, fire, jet bombers and burning books, and the sieve and sand. One that I thought that was very important was trains. Whenever trains are mentioned in the book, the person there can not focus. Trains can symbolize something very different that what 's mentioned on the book. With some deeper exploring in the book, one might be able to find some information to prove the deeper
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