Fahrenheit 451 Part 1 Summary

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Fahrenheit 451 Guy Montag is a fireman in a world where books are burned by firefighters. One night on a call, he takes a book home and hides it. His wife finds the book and he reveals to her that he has more and wants to read them. He calls a retired English professor named Faber that he once met to try to help him understand books. Faber tells Montag that he will help him and together they create a plan. Faber tells Montag to go get all the money he has, about three to four hundred, so they can start reprinting books. Faber gives him this little earpiece so he can talk to him discreetly. Montag gets the money then goes home. At home, his wife and her friends are talking in the parlor. Montag listens and is upset by the way they talk about their children, themselves, their husbands, and especially the war. He goes…show more content…
He seems to be very confused at first about what path he wants to take in life. He is very intrigued by books and the concept of knowledge within them. Sometimes he is very spur-of-the-moment and rash with his actions. For instance, when he freaks out and reads poetry to his wife’s friends and then yells at them to get out. Even though Faber is telling him not to and that he is a fool, Montag is too deep in his anger to control himself. Mildred Montag is Guy’s wife and another major character. She is suicidal and a shell of a woman. She takes all her entertainment in the form of her “family” on the parlor walls. She uses the “family” to escape her own problems and immerse herself in another world where everything is better. She turns on Montag and turns him in to Beatty, Captain Beatty is the fire captain of Montag’s fire company. He has an extensive knowledge of books, despite the fact that he is the leader of a troop of men who burn them. He manipulates Montag with this knowledge. Quoting books constantly to spite him. When he takes Montag to burn down his own house, Montag turns on him and burns him
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