Fahrenheit 451 Profession Analysis

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In Ray Bradbury's story Fahrenheit 451 it talks about a fireman named Guy Montag that lives in a futuristic city. In Montag’s world firemen would start fires rather than putting them out. The people in this society did not read books instead they were always inside their house, did not think independently, and were always in front of a wall-sized television screen. Montag discovered a teenage girl named Clarisse who seemed very peculiar to Montag because she always thought of the most random things that no one would think of. In other words, she didn't act like everybody else. Throughout the last couple, days Montag has gone through a series of disturbing events. First, he responds to an alarm that an old lady has books stashed in her house.…show more content…
In our society, we need a career to make money. People have to go to school and study hard for countless hours to earn a degree for a well- paid job to make money for themselves. For our society to work out people need to hold a job in order to keep our society growing. Unlike in Fahrenheit 451, people only worked to get new stuff. All they cared about was getting money to buy the newest things. Second, with profession all around that means that there will be more jobs for people. In Fahrenheit 451 there were only a specific amount of jobs because jobs involving literature and books did not exist only jobs involving photographing, television and film. So only a certain amount had these specific jobs. Third. we study for the profession that we are passionate about and want to make it our dream jobs. Or in other word something we would like to do for the rest of our life. In Fahrenheit 451 it is the complete opposite because it says at the beginning that Montag really wanted to be a fireman. Montag only was a fireman for the job and money because, in the end, Montag wanted to free books and bring them back to society, so therefore he's not passionate about his career. In my opinion, Transportation in our world is very similar to Fahrenheit
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