Fahrenheit 451 Quote Analysis

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A time of peace and prosperity, a time when the government had complete control over everything. This time is in the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This book is set in the future. It was published in 1950, which means the future then is the present now. We meet Guy Montag who is a fireman, that burns books. In the novel, it is time of war that no one seems know any information about. It was also a time when books were banned and technological advances were transcendinging in society. Machinery, at this time, dominated everything. It symbolized control, power and distraction from the real world and their problems. In the book, there are these little devices known as seashells that are like earpiece radios. Montag’s wife, Millie, …show more content…

At Montag’s stationed fire house, there is a machine their known as a mechanical hound. It kills people by injecting a serum. As Montag passed by the mechanical hound, it acted as if he was an enemy, a target. He says to his chief at the station, Beaty, “It would be easy for someone to set up a partial combination on the Hound’s ‘memory,’ a touch of amino acids, perhaps. That would count for what the animal did just now. Reacted toward me” (26-27). Montag means that it would easy for someone to change the hound’s codes in order to make him attack someone. This shows that whoever has access to the hound can easily set it to kill whomever they want. Many people didn’t realize how much control the government had over their lives. They decided who lives and who dies, they also decided what the people get to know about their current events. In their long list of machines and devices, parlor walls are one of them. They are equivalent to televisions of today. But the government controls everything that airs on them and the people are obsessed with them. They can't stay away. For example, Millie watches to parlor walls for most of her day. During the book, Montag got sick, and Millie was watching the walls which was eartating him. They

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