Fahrenheit 451 Significant Events Essay

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Significant Events and the Impact They Have Ray Bradbury demonstrates through Guy Montag that a significant experience impacts an individual by opening their eyes and in turn changing their perspective. In Ray Bradbury’s classic 1951 novel Fahrenheit 451, he explores the idea of significant events and their effect on one's personal beliefs and thoughts. The reader experiences the evolution of thoughts through the main character of Guy Montag. From a brainwashed robot to a unconventional critical thinker, Ray Bradbury uses the significant events to evolve Montag’s perspective and thinking process. Ray Bradbury also uses significant events such as Montag meeting Clarisse, his exposal to literature, and Beatty committing suicide to promote his…show more content…
The significant events of Fahrenheit 451 serve as examples for reflection. Many people should take away valuable lessons from significant events. For example, after the devastating events of World War Two the world learned and reflected from it. Perspective across the world evolved and changed, and the United Nations was introduced as a method of ensuring that it never happens again. Treaties, peace agreements, and even some of the first legislation on nuclear arms were quickly drafted. Despite the horrible significant event of World War Two, the world has undoubtedly become a better place due to it. We should also try and shape our perspectives through the use of significant events, just as Montag’s thinking process was revised. Fahrenheit 451 is a powerful and impactful book, Bradbury’s impactful writing effortlessly transports readers to a different world, allowing them to reflect. It’s a book that stays with readers throughout their lives, encouraging them to never turn away from knowledge and instead to embrace it. One can hope that this book is never burnt, but instead is treasured by generations as a way to open one's eyes and change their
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