Fahrenheit 451 Source Analysis

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The source I used for my connection to the story, Fahrenheit 451, is an online news article from The Independent titled “Isis burns thousands of books and rare manuscripts from Mosul 's libraries”. This news article discussed a terrorist group called, ISIS, that burned over a hundred thousand rare historical manuscripts and documents. This news article is connected to Fahrenheit 451 because just as ISIS burned over a thousand hundred documents and manuscripts, in the story firefighters burn books as their jobs, instead of putting out fires like in our society. This act is done in both scenarios in order to attempt to achieve and maintain a communist government. Firefighters in Fahrenheit 451 burn books in people’s houses because the government…show more content…
The headline of the article is, “Youth violence on the rise in Canada”. This headline is connected to Fahrenheit 451 because in our own society, violence such as murder, assault, vandalism, underage substance use, theft etc., are being committed by more youth every year. Similarly, in Fahrenheit 451 Clarisse tells Montag that she 's "afraid of children my own age. They kill each other... Six of my friends have been shot in the last year alone. Ten of them died in car wrecks. I 'm afraid of them and they don 't like me because I 'm afraid" (30). In the story, the youth go to a “Window Smasher” place and a “Car Wrecker” place, so that they can smash windows and wreck cars there instead of smashing citizen’s windows and wrecking their cars. In both these written works, it shows how youth are becoming more violent. Whenever someone turns on the TV in our society, that person hears about a teenager assaulting another person at school, or vandalising a public monument or important building. Therefore, youth in our society are just as dangerous as youth in Fahrenheit 451. I personally believe that resolving issues with violence will never achieve anything. Fights should be played out with words, not fists. That is why I respect lawyers and the legal system very much. As for youth violence, I think that although it is hard one of the two sides of any conflict should be the…show more content…
The source I used for my connection to the story, Fahrenheit 451, is a photograph of a “Life Wall”. The “Life Wall” is an invention by Panasonic. It is a TV that is also a wall in a room. It has a touch screen, but can also be controlled with a remote. This photograph of the “Life Wall” is connected to Fahrenheit 451 because in the story the narrator constantly highlights people sitting around in the “parlour”. In Fahrenheit 451 the “parlour” is a living room in every house that instead of four normal walls has four TV walls. Just as how in the story, which is placed in the 24th century, people have walls as TV’s, the photograph of the “Life Wall” showed TV walls as well, but for our current time period. In Fahrenheit 451, Montag’s wife, Mildred, is constantly in the “parlour” watching drama shows or talking to her friends. Montag indicates that everyone in the society he lives in spends all their time in the “parlour”. Similarly, as our society is becoming more technologically advanced and virtual by the day, more and more people are tuning out of the real word and putting all their focus on virtual and electronic objects. Anytime you walk in the mall, go to a restaurant or any social environment for that matter, people always go on their phones. It has become so much of a habit for people, including myself, that in public or at home I will unlock my phone even though I know I did not receive a notification. Older generations such as teenagers’ parents and grandparents
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