Fahrenheit 451 Structure Analysis

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Fahrenheit 451 Steps of Narrative Structure
The novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury demonstrates and follows the steps of narrative structure throughout the story. Narrative structure describes the story and what form is used to tell the story by using exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
The exposition is the beginning of the novel that offers the reader background facts and information, such as finding out and who the characters are and what role they play in the story and the setting. In the novel, the author gives a description of the setting and the characters in the first couple of chapters. The main character, Guy Montag is presented to the reader in a futuristic world as a fireman responsible of burning
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The climax is the highest moment of the novel, showing the emotion, intensity, suspense or excitement happening closer to the end of the novel than the beginning. One of the greatest moments of suspense are the final conflicts between Montag, the city, and the Mechanical Hound. A turning point in the novel happens when Montag decides to live away from society and moves to the countryside, being chased by the Mechanical Hound and the search for him. Another great moment is when Montag reads a poem to his wife and friends, making them feel insulted and offended, threatening him that they will file a complaint. His wife reports Montag to the authorities because of him reading the poem in a book.
The falling action happens after the climax, leading towards the resolution of the conflict. For example, Montag kills his boss and other firemen to attempt to escape after he was ordered to burn more books. Another example occurs when he joins a group of people who memorized books to pass on to other generations, showing the beginning of falling action. Several events in the novel contribute to falling action, such as Montag’s visits to Faber’s house, becoming a fugitive from society. Montag followed Faber’s instructions by traveling down a river that takes him to safety, keeping him ahead of the Mechanical
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