Fahrenheit 451: The Effects Of Censoring Knowledge

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The Effects of Censoring Knowledge
“The pursuit of knowledge is never ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing.”~Brandon Travisciccio. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray bradbury, this quote has become a reality. The government has banned books. And those who are caught with books have their house burned, and are taken to the asylum. Ray bradbury uses the idea of banning knowledge and books ,to illustrate how the censoring knowledge isn’t always for the good.
Without knowledge or the want to pursue knowledge, people lose parts of themselves. Guy Montag the protagonist is married to a woman named Mildred. She only cares about her tv relatives, and herself. “ “You can’t be sick,” said Mildred. He closed his eyes over the hotness. “Yes” “But you were alright last night.” Pg 48 part 1. Mildred isn’t worried about her husband. She doesn’t know that it could be worse. And without knowledge of how important things are, she can easily detach herself from caring about anything. Making her cold, and uncaring. The citizens of F41 have lost the ability to listen. They can hear just fine, they just don’t listen
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In fahrenheit 451 taking pills is normal. Itś so normal that nobody talks about it. ¨¨We get these cases nine or ten a night.¨¨ Without learning about what could happen, these people just take more, and more until it kills them. This could have been avoided if the people learned from the mistakes of others, instead it happens so much they need machines to save people. Guy Montag also describes a war that happens only over the course of 48 hours. ¨and then the city rolled over and fell down dead. The sound of itś death came after.¨ If the government learned from the past wars this city or the people could´ve been saved. Instead the city was destroyed and the people killed. In order to do better we must learn from the past to protect the
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