Fahrenheit 451: Theme Of Ignorance

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Society features creates ignorance and intelligence. To be intelligent you have to realize how ignorant you are.There are two definitions from ignorance. Ignorance can mean in a rude. Ignorance can mean rudeness or lack of knowledge. In this form I am talking about lack of knowledge.Bradbury creates this theme with knowledge and ignorance and creates the character Montag. Montag has the characteristics of ignorance and intelligence. Montag was was very ignorant at the beginning of the novel, but towards the ending he becomes less ignorant when he starts to learn from Clarisse. Montag burns books because they contain knowledge, which is a threat to the government. As the novel continues Montag leaves the city to find less ignorant people to share his knowledge with. This begins to happen after Clarisse teaches him and he starts to…show more content…
But mostly Truman was intelligent than ignorant.Truman was very ignorant due to the fact that he didn't realize that his whole life was being broadcasted on a tv show. His intelligence came in because he may have not know he was on a tv show but he always new something was suspicious. As time goes by he does start to get more and more suspicious and know something is up. He starts investigating and starts to realize his life isn't normal. In the scene when he sees his “dad” on the way to work shows his intelligence because he remembers his dad dying in the ocean as a young child. Him seeing his dad he does get suspicious and that helps him unravel what's going on. He gets are these clues and soon that's how he find out his life is a tv show . That's where his intelligence comes in at. In conclusion society doesn't create ignorance or intelligence. It just depends if you have realized how ignorant you are. You could read the best books and go to the best colleges but not be educated on yourself . If you don't realize how ignorant you are then you will always be ignorant even though you are

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