Fahrenheit 451 There Is No Perfect World Analysis

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The theme I chose for my project was “There is no perfect world”. It’s impossible to make the world happy all at once because everyone has conflicting ideas and opinions. To express my theme I decided to draw a circle and on the inside was the “perfect world” aka. Fahrenheit’s 451 world. I drew people watching the parlor because the parlor was the world. I wrote the words, “Be Happy! Be with Family," because, in that society people only want to feel happy and not think about or be curious about why things are done or if life is really perfect. When I wrote, “Be with family," it refers to Mildred, talking to her parlor and spending time with them as if they were her real family. On the sides of my main picture I drew six little circles and inside them were drawings of things that were common or major depressing events that happened in the “perfect world”.…show more content…
The mask is like putting a pretty painting over a hole in the wall. The wall would now look appealing on the outside but, broken behind it. Montag didn’t want that pretty painting anymore to hide his brokenness, but learn to express them and understand his emotions. These “happy masks” relate to my theme because in a perfect world you are not acting happy but living happy. The crying women represents Mrs.Bowles and her new found emotion of sadness. If it was a perfect world no one would cry and be depressed just because of a silly poem. The crying shows more of a compassionate and meaning full side of Mrs.Bowles. The flaming match represents the women who set her self on fire with her beloved books. It refers to the quote, “You can stop counting” she said. She opened one hand slightly and in the palm of the hand was a single slender object. An ordinary kitchen match,” the match shows a little fire then escalates to a larger one that leaves her
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