Fahrenheit 451 Totalitarianism Analysis

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Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury tells the story of the future and how the government fully controlled everyone. The totalitarianism affected by the government goes in depth to show the meanings of each symbol and how each one describes a character or mankind. Fahrenheit 451 explores the symbols in the novel and help the readers understand the meaning behind the symbols; in addition to, other sources such as movies or songs help many people comprehend the importance of symbols. The definition of the word “literal” means being the main meaning of a word or words being used. The word “symbolic” means a word or words representing a symbol. Bradbury states the firemen and police use the mechanical hound to track down Guy Montag. The hound’s…show more content…
shows and their digitized family. Montag screaming “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” on p.g. 75 shows how captivated society became from the walls. Denham’s dentifrice commercial plays a catchy, annoying jingle that easily sinks into the minds of society and distracts them. This example explains the power of the walls and how technology affects the future. Television in Fahrenheit 451 became an obsessive and fascinating experience for everyone, especially Mildred and her friends who obsess over the white cartoon clowns. In actuality the walls symbolize the government brainwashing society. The government uses the walls to hide the truth on the importance of books. Novels contain information about the past and people form different opinions and thoughts from the novels. The government wants intelligence to seem wrong and want ignorance to deem as correct. Creating the walls became a tactic to distract society from the ugly truth and not focus on the worries. As a literal and symbolic meaning, the walls stand for happiness and causes people to not focus on reality or care for others, but themselves. The entertainment brainwashes the community to not worry by providing
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