Fahrenheit 451 Unit 2 Creative Writing

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Ava Modin 4th hour LINC Escape The pouring rain crashed down onto the dark, cold grounds and smashed against anything in it’s path. It was a monster which would soak anything and the poor dog was a victim. Rufus laid upon the doubtful and depressing ground of the dark and gloomy alley as the hunger and bitter emptiness clenched his stomach like a fist pounding up against the inside of him. The dog hadn’t eaten in over a week and was starving. He rested upon the dumpster while the unbearable smell outrageously and unbearably came across his nose. Hours later, the hungry and soaking wet dog drifted into a faint sleep. Rufus awoke to gleaming lights burning his eyes as he heard a loud screech of a van coming to a halt in the dark alley. The van…show more content…
Through the rain he could make out the words Kansas City pound engraved in the side of the appalling van. While, the dog knew he must get away he also knew that it was much too late. Rufus was too weak to run and by the time the worrisome dog could stand up the man had already stepped out and was marching toward the dumpster that he laid upon. The monstrous, awful man stood over him with the aggressive leash and the small frightened dog knew from there that he would be condemned into the dark and evil pound. “Come on!” the man barked. “Let’s go you wretched dog!” The man attached the stinging, metal leash tightly around the dog’s neck and with no problem tossed the dog harshly into the back of the dark van. He got in and made the van halt thrusting the dog against the walls as he accelerated speeding off into the dark. Rufus had hoped of it never coming to this but as he sat in the back of the van his heart slammed against his chest like a hammer…show more content…
They took each single dog and lifted them into there nice and fresh car. We arrived at the small, quaint house and they started by bathing all of us. Rufus, Herman, Scruffy and every other dog was washed, and brushed which was something they have never gotten to experience. Next they were fed. But, it wasn’t covered in mold, it wasn’t old, and it wasn’t cold. Each and every one of them received a hot meal. As Rufus bit into the delicious and spectacular food that tasted as heaven in a bowl his taste buds successfully lit up giving him a joyous feeling. He devoured the delicious food but he did so slowly as he was used to absolutely no food, this was a gift. The overwhelming and pleasant smell of home cooked food aggressively filled Rufus’s nose all night long. This was the first terrific sleep he had ever gotten and he cherished the comfortable, cozy bed he laid upon. The room comforted him, the air was warm and cozy, and the smells in the home were nowhere close to the ones in the disgusting pound.The smell of their lovely house was glamourous and homely and made all the dogs pleasantly overjoyed.The man and women always have the biggest and joyous smiles and, The touch there nice, cheerful hand brought a pleasant joy to Rufus as he lay upon the floor getting pet. When, Rufus awoke the next morning to a fresh breakfast and a delicious,taste bud tingling meal he knew this was where he belonged. He knew this was his new home and this is where he would be forever. And, that

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