Fahrenheit 451 Use Of Technology

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Almost everybody at one point in life has wondered how things will change in the future, which can mean ten years from now or one hundred years from now. Ray Bradbury, fully known as Raymond Douglas Bradbury, was born in Waukegan, Illinois on August 22, 1920, and is a Pulitzer Prize winning author. from a young age, Ray Bradbury loved writing, reading, and acting. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 showed his depiction of what will happen if society becomes overly consumed within, and highly dependant on the use of technology. He knew that technology was a marvelous thing, but too much of it would drive society to not be creative, along with people acting as if they can not live without the many technological advances. As time goes on, every aspect…show more content…
As weaponry advances, the accessability to make and use nuclear weapons will become easier, and more deadly. The biggest fear in the 1960’s was the ongoing war between the US and the USSR, also known as the Soviet Union. In Europe during the 1960’s, the dividing line between the eastern and western forces remained frozen or at a stand still for decades (“The Cold War…” 1). This lead to nonstop conflict and fighting between all of the European countries and their people. During the many years of the Cold War, the biggest fear was nuclear warfare between the US and Russia, then known as the USSR (“The Cold War…” 2). With the recent creation of nuclear bombs, no one knew the magnitude of the damage that would be caused, but everybody for sure feared it. The Cold War went on for many years beyond the 1960’s, and the amount of fear felt by millions remained. Modern warfare, compared to warfare in the 1960’s, has changed drastically. The modern war fought was the war in Iraq after 9/11. The war in Iraq began March 19, 2003, and began with the bombing of Baghdad after other means had failed (“The War on Terrorism…” 1-4). The US tried to resolve the issues between us and Iraq, but nothing had worked. Thus, years of death and fighting ensued. In October of 2006, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for the total destruction of Israel, thus condemning the peace process (“The War On Terrorism…” 9). With Israel being one of our greatest allies, The US could not let this…show more content…
Of all of these, the topic that is the most terrifying is the fear of society becoming too dependant on the use of technology such as cell phones and computers. If everyone becomes heavily reliant on technology to do things for them, they would not be able to do anything for themselves without it. In reality, we may be coming close to this happening. Also, with the growing advances in weaponry, along with rising tension between the US, Russia, The Middle East, and North Korea, a war fought between these nations would be astronomically devastating. Most likely, a war fought between nations of such power could become a third World War. So to conclude, with heavy reliance on technology and deadly advances in warfare, the only topic not dangerous to humanity is the further development of the Rock and Roll
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