Fahrenheit 451 Vs Today

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While Fahrenheit 451, Montag’s society, differs from current day society, they both are similar. To start, emotion lacks in Montag’s world. In Fahrenheit, no one shows any sympathy toward others. The novel states, “The operator stood smoking a cigarette… ‘Got to clean ‘em out both ways’”(Bradbury 12). This quote shows that the “M.D” does not care that Millie just attempted to kill herself. In Fahrenheit no one grieves, but people kill themselves everyday because they are not happy with the dystopian society their world has created. On the other hand, people in modern society mourn when someone passes; Present-day has funerals for their loved ones. Suicide is not as normal as it in Fahrenheit 451. There is emotion in present-day society because…show more content…
In contrast, in modern day, everyone from the ages of six to eighteen has eight hours of school each day. Today, schooling is very necessary and common in modern day, for that if someone is not in some sort of schooling, it is strange. Lastly, in both societies people are not happy. To explain, “The most important single thing we had to pound into ourselves is that we were not important….We’re nothing more than dust jackets for books, of no significance otherwise” (Bradbury 146). This quote shows that people in Fahrenheit feel they are not important which leads to unhappiness. People in Montag’s world commit suicide to often because they are not enjoying life. People in Fahrenheit think they are happy, but they are not. In modern society, numerous amounts of people are not happy. People try to commit suicide and sometimes succeed which is not okay, but it is all because some are not happy. Today, people are not happy because someone is bullied, or does not have the best at-home life; In Fahrenheit, people are not happy because all people do is sit around and watch TV, soaking in their own stupidity. To conclude, the novel Fahrenheit 451 and Modern society differ and are similar in countless
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