Fahr's Disease Case Study

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Fahr’s disease presenting with stroke like symptoms We present a case of 52 year old diabetic Middle Eastern female presenting with left sided body weakness, slurred speech, and imbalance. Initially suspected as a case of stroke. CT scanning showed evidence of bilateral symmetrical amorphous calcifications in the periventricular regions, basal ganglia and cerebellar hemispheres. Further MRI scanning did not reveal any signs suggestive of stroke. Laboratory testing for known causes of brain calcifications came back negative; thus the patient was diagnosed with Fahr’s disease, a condition that was diagnosed in her younger sibling two years previously. As there is no cure for the condition, the patient received physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, and her diabetic control was optimised prior to discharge from hospital; she made mild improvement in her symptoms. Fahr’s disease is a condition characterised by an idiopathic bilateral basal ganglia calcification. It is a rare disease with prevelance believed to be less than one in a million; most often an autosomal dominant in nature. It can
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