Failing School Essay

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The school system of the United States is failing. Every time more students are dropping out, failing, or feeling unprepared after leaving school. Failing schools is a problem that needs to be fixed. However, it is hard to fix a problem when the real cause is unknown. Commonly people tend to put the blame on the school system that the government has created, school itself, and teachers. At some level, this statement could be true, but there must also be an underlying cause for low school performance. In my opinion, even though school limitations may affect a student performance, problems related to the student himself are the principal reasons of his failing. When it comes to pointing in the cause of the problem, it seems that nobody ever…show more content…
An example of this statement is Michael Oher. Unfortunately for him he was born in a very rough environment, his parent was frequently in prison and his mother was addicted to cocaine giving him not support. As a result, he performed poorly in his first years of school repeating different grades at different school eventually dropping out, all of this while he was constantly in and out of foster homes. When he was 16 he found shelter at a stable family and when he was 17 he was adopted by the family. As soon as he enter a stable environment and got the support that he needed, he began to discover his full potential. His grades, attitudes, and abilities improved, with all of that he became one of the football star player in high school. This shows that an environment that provides mental stability and support can take a person a long way. The reasons of why a person cannot fulfill their potential as a student can vary and depend from different factors. However, with an adequate environment students are the ones that have control over certain factors, such as the amount of effort put into education. The lack of interest make them to not put the necessary effort to succeed in school. It seems that they have unwillingness to learn. This lack of interest provoke students to lose focus on school and put their mind, in most of the times, nonproductive thoughts that only contribute to their
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