Failure Are The Pillars Of Success Analysis

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An Essay on Failures Are the Pillars of Success
The proverb means that success come through failures. He only fails who strives to do something. It is meant as an encouragement to those who fail in life, and to give them the urge to try hard, to build on the strong foundations of experience already gained. As the poet said –
Say not the struggle naught availed,
The labour and the wounds are vain.
They have got to try again and again in the face of failures. If they fail once, they will gain experience therefore that will help them in their second effort. But making use of these experiences they will grow wisher and feel surer. This is the foundation of success. Those who build upon the foundation of wisdom and self-confidence, will meet with
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– If it comes after a sincere struggle. If is good to see a man fail in the hour of victory, or even fail in the spite of all efforts. We may vary the words to Tennyson and say. –
It is better to have fought and lost,
Thus never to have fought at all.
We must be able to look back on our failures with pride for they are standing testimony to the heroism within us. This is possible if we feel that we have tried our best and have not spared ourselves in our efforts. Let us always feel that we have failed greatly. Then may we look forward with hope and believe that we shall succeed in spite of failures. That is the proper attitude to failures one should take up.

Failures of course, can be depressing and disheartening. When honest efforts end in failure, it is difficult to keep up one’s sprite “there is no fiercer hell,” said Keats, “than the failure in a great object.” It is then, “a salted wound that burns and burns against. The remedy against his is a strong spirit, an indomitable will, on unconquerable soul. Above all, one must meet the challenge of life with close-lipped heroism that knows not despair; and one rats be able to say with Lady Macbeth: “but screw you courage to the sticking-place and we will not
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