Personal Narrative: My Failure In Life

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Failure is one of life’s greatest teachers, all of my failures in life big or small have given me the best lessons life can give. One of my biggest failures in life was letting a bully get under my skin. I let a boy, who was supposed to be my friend, ruin the way I thought of myself and cloud the reality of people who truly loved me. I am not proud of the things I let slide by in this so called friendship. I took verbal and physical abuse constantly because I thought it was what I deserved. When I tried to talk to my friends about it, and they would say, “That’s him just messing around.” They thought it was the same jokes he pulled with them. I thought it was me who was wrong. While this is a time of weakness that I’m not proud of. I am proud…show more content…
My parents explained no matter how hard his words hurt he should never know it got to me. They told me to make the emotions and reactions that his words or actions conjured up inside of me to go straight into this metaphorical suitcase that I bring and unpack at home to them. Let all the emotions of anger and sadness out where I am safe from more harm. When I applied this lesson to movie night when I was around him, it wasn’t as fun for him to make fun of me. He got so frustrated that his words had no effect on me, he resorted to physical harm instead. He threw a half full water bottle at my head as hard as he could. The room full of freshman teen boys and girls went silent waiting for my reaction. Remembering what my parents said of don’t let him know he got under my skin, I took a deep breath, I picked up the water bottle, I turned to the stairs, I walked upstairs, I threw the water bottle away, and I came back down and continued my conversation. My friends minus him started clapping for me. In that moment I realized the way he’d been treating me didn’t go unnoticed by my friends they just didn’t know how to help.
That taught one of the best lessons learned from this experience. Everyone who is in high school is trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in life. We all figure it out in different ways. High school is temporary and being a teenager is hard and in times of struggle at the hands of a classmate, it is important to remember they’re trying to figure themselves out as well. While it may not be fair my guy friend chose me to learn about himself and I learned things about myself as
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