Failure In Mary Sherry's The Praise Of The F Word

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Failure may be upsetting, in contrast to this failure may lead to success. Mary Sherry explained this to be true in her passage “In Praise of the “F” Word”. “But fear of failure, whether economic or academic, can motivate both.” She believes that with the conscience of failure, people are more likely to strive to perform better. I myself believe this proclamation is true in every aspect of life. In my personal experiences, failure is the key to avoid when I desire to be prosperous. For example, in football, it is my decision to get back up and fight, or roll over and give up. There is a decision of exceeding higher than my expectations and that is the choice I always strive for. Just as Mary Sherry's son, he had a choice to pick himself up and flourish academically, or take a flunking grade. The powerful sense of fear can motivate anyone to transcend from nonchalant to worrisome. As the same in football, if I decide not to motivate myself to do better, then my performance will be sluggish. “People of all ages can rise above their problems, but they need to have a reason to do so.” If someone does not have the sense of failure, they will continue to operate without worries. Operating…show more content…
When being inadequate, it reveals the flaws and misconceptions that are made from carelessness. Just as Thomas Edison quoted “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that will not work.” As long as the effort is placed into any worriment, there shall be a peek of hope in triumph. This quote relates to Sherry's essay. Her son's teacher, Mrs.Stifter, accredits the fact that it is the decision of the student to desire ascendancy. I agree whole-heartedly with this statement. People who are not motivated and do not even try, should be flunked. They need to come to the realization that failure does exist! It is up to them if they want to continue failing or turn the other
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