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s not trying worse than failure itself it 's self? The Bible says "we all fail and come short of the glory of God". Does that mean that we shouldn 't try to do the best we possibly can? Although many would argue that failure is the worst thing in the world, not trying is worse because the opposite of failure is success and the only way to succeed is to try. Trying plays an important role in people’s life. Trying is a goal that so many people try to avoid because it can contain failure. what no one realizes is the only way to success is to fail trying. Michael Jeffery Jordan as a freshman in high school tried out for the boy 's varsity basketball team. when tryouts was over the coach announced to him that he didn 't make the team.…show more content…
That goes to show you that failure is not the worst thing in the world. The very worst is not to try. Failure is one of the scariest things you 'll face in life. Failure is something that people try to avoid because all they want is to be successful, not the consequences that come with it. Some people say that failure is the worst thing in the world because it lowers self confidence and causes stress. My brother played baseball as a kid and wasn 't very successful with it. After a couple years of playing he finally quite because he continued to fail. Does anyone think that maybe if he would have stuck with it and tried harder that he could have been better? No one looks at how failure helps you grow as a person or how it can help you to do better and want better for yourself, they look at how failure makes you look bad and how it makes you feel about yourself. Failing is what makes you successful and you will never be successful until you fail. In conclusion, yeah failure hurts, and no one wants failure but is it really the worst thing in the world? By not trying you bring failure to yourself. If you want to be successful in life your going to fail. You just have to push yourself

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